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Heritage Hubs

Aims and Objectives:

Heritage Hubs brought together 12 groups of 10–16-year-old pupils in Finland, Serbia and Spain to undertake a creative journey into cultural heritage through digital and face-to-face sharing of heritage, with the aim of providing an opportunity to learn about and from their own and others’ heritage. The starting point of Heritage Hubs was to actively engage children and young people in defining what cultural heritage is, and what cultural heritage they regard as important. Heritage Hubs school pilots were organised at 11 primary and secondary schools in 2018–19, reaching directly 360 pupils and 55 teachers. The pilots included teacher training and different types of heritage workshops with pupils.

The project’s purpose was to support and make possible transnational learning from and about cultural heritage; to enable children and young people to define and voice what they regard as important cultural heritage; to enhance the role of cultural heritage in the everyday lives of young people; and to increase respect for the cultural heritage of others. The project provided the pupils with an opportunity to discover cultural similarities and common values at European level and to recognise other unifying factors in their daily lives.

Heritage Hubs won European Heritage / Europa Nostra Award in 2021 in the category of Education Training and Awareness-Raising.

Funding: Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Svenska Kulturfonden, Finnish National Agency for Education, and Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.

Project duration: 2018-2020

Partners: Urban Development Centre (Serbia), Fundación San Millán de la Gogolla (Spain) and Viteco E-learning (Italy).

Project Manager: Kati Nurmi


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Heritage Hubs Manual for Cultural Heritage Education (Finnish, English, Swedish, Serbian and Spanish) can be downloaded for free here: https://heritagehubs.eu/results/

Heritage Hubs Recommendations for Cultural Heritage Education:

Poster and related exercises handout: 

Peer-reviewed articles:

Nikolic, A., Nurmi, K.&Andonegui Navarro, M. 2021. Cultural heritage and social learning: the case of Heritage Hubs project. In Mika Metsärinne (ed.) 2021. Kulttuuri ja perinne – koulussa ja kotona. Turku: University of Turku.

Published articles:

Nikolic, A., Nurmi, K.& Andonegui Navarro, M. 2021. Heritage Hubs: Practicing the principles of Faro Convention through transnational heritage educationMemoria Viva 12. A special issue on the Faro Convention Network series People, places, stories.

Unpublished articles and reports:

Aleksandra Nikolić, Kati Nurmi and Mariola Andonegui Navarro. Heritage Hubs – towards multicultural and transnational heritage education