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Welcome to the Future Narratives project page!

Get to know our acclaimed educational model for transmedia heritage education!

Future Narratives (2021–2023) was an international project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, that developed and tested a Europe-wide model of cultural heritage education based on storytelling and technology-enhanced creativity. The starting point is both the students’ own relationship with culture and the discovery of a common and shared, diverse cultural heritage. Through this, the project supported students’ inclusion, creativity, critical thinking and digital skills, as well as cultural competences and intercultural dialogue skills.

The project partners were: 

Handbook for Transmedia Heritage Education

The Future Narratives Handbook for Transmedia Heritage Education is based on the European heritage education model utilizing on storytelling and technology created in the project. The Handbook offers educators learning materials, tools and skills for creating their own multidisciplinary projects on heritage, creativity and transmedia storytelling. It is available in 4 languages; English, Finnish, Serbian and Spanish.

Take a look at the Handbooks here!

The Future Narratives heritage education model presented in the Handbook was developed based on analyzing National Core Curricula of Spain, Serbia and Finland. The model was evaluated through teacher and pupils’ surveys and interviews, as well as field work observations. The collected and analyzed data guided the development of the model.

Future Narratives Video Gallery

Future Narratives teacher training and workshops with pupils were executed at 7 schools in Finland, Serbia and Spain. Training was followed by hands-on activities where the pupils worked on their own creative projects: they visited local heritage sites, created stories and soundscapes, composed music, and finally put all elements together in heritage video. 

See the pupils’ videos in the Future Narratives online exhibition.

Recommendations for Teachers

The recommendations are primarily aimed at teachers in a formal education setting, supporting them to use cultural heritage as a learning resource and to create their own heritage projects with pupils. They are based on integrating heritage education with storytelling, creativity, and digital technology, and on promoting the agency and creativity of young people by allowing them to become creators of heritage and culture. The recommendations give teachers ideas on how to use heritage as a learning resource in a way that supports participant engagement and activity and is likely to result in positive learning outcomes. 

Read the Recommendations here.

Research Report

This research report focuses on the Transmedia Heritage Education model and its practical implementation (activities and methods) developed and tested in Future Narratives, as well as the experiences of teachers and pupils who participated in the project. The report is based on extensive research activities, collected data and analysed results during and based on project implementation activities in the three participating countries, namely Finland, Spain and Serbia.

Get to know the Research Report here.

Future Narratives Board Game

Play a fun board game about cultural heritage in the classroom! The game is in English, but the rules and questions are quite easy, so it is suitable for many age groups. 

Find the Board and the rules here

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