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About us

We promote culture heritage education locally, nationally and internationally.

The Association of Cultural Heritage Education of Finland is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006. We develop and promote culturally sustainable education through our projects. We produce and publish learning materials, policy ideas and pedagogical models. Our activities cover the entire spectrum of cultural heritage: intangible and tangible cultural heritage, cultural environments, world heritage, digital and difficult cultural heritage.

What is cultural heritage education?

Read the article by Ira Vihreälehto here.

We are involved in multidisciplinary networks and expert groups, make statements and influence, and write and publish scientific articles. We have twice won the Europa Nostra European Heritage Award for our projects.

  • European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Grand Prix for the project Kulttuurivoltti 2018.
  • European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award for the project Heritage Hubs 2021.

Our international projects

We are currently leading the international Erasmus+ project Future Narratives (2021–2023), with partners from Spain, Serbia and Finland. Our partners are INTO School (Finland), Urban Development Center (Serbia) and Fundacion SM (Spain).

The project develops and tests a Europe-wide model of cultural heritage education based on storytelling and technology-enhanced creativity. The starting point is both the students’ own relationship with culture and the discovery of a common and shared, diverse cultural heritage. Through this, the project will support students’ inclusion, creativity, critical thinking and digital skills, as well as cultural competences and intercultural dialogue skills.

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We are partners in two Erasmus+ projects: Creative placemaking – the path to active European Citizenship, coordinated by KA-MATRIX from Croatia, with the participation of The Urban Gorillas from Cyprus. Policing the policies Grassroots advocacy initiative for EU-level aligned and inclusive youth strategies, led by the Serbian People’s Parliament, with the participation of CRISP from Germany and Fundacja Pole dialogue from Poland.

We are involved in the project LIVIND – Creative and living cultural heritage as a resource for the Northern Dimension region, which aims to strengthen the role of living heritage in Northern Europe.

Our past international projects include:

Our strategy

The Strategy of the Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland 2022–2030 supports the development of the association’s activities and the strategic and societal debate on cultural heritage education. 

Download our strategy in pdf format here.