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As a member, you will support cultural heritage education in Finland and around the world

Become a member

The Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland is a non-governmental organisation that is open to both individuals and communities. As a member, you will support cultural heritage education in Finland and around the world. 

At the association’s autumn, spring and annual meetings, we explore new perspectives and interesting places in cultural heritage education and network together. We also organise members’ evenings with different themes.

Members receive benefits from our partners, such as

  • discounts in Kultajousi and Westerback 1897 stores around Finland
  • accommodation and restaurant benefits at Kämp Collection Hotels and Hotel Punkaharju
  • automatic Silver membership in Tallink Silja Line
  • discount magazine subscriptions from Otavamedia
  • and great discounts on optical products and services at Instrumentarium, Keops and Nissen.
  • In addition, members have also been offered discounted tickets to concerts of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Membership fees are 20€ for individual members, 10€ for students and pensioners and 100€ for communities.

Membership application

You can access the application form here (in Finnish).

If you are interested in membership activities or have ideas for activities for members, please contact our Cultural and Membership Secretary responsible for member activity development at

For membership fees and contact details, please contact the Executive Director:

Want to contribute?

Do you have an idea for an educational material, training or project? Would you like to get involved in the association’s activities, for example as a board member? Would you like to organise or offer something to our members? Would you like to write a blog article?
Contact us: